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Silk-Reeling Energy DVD

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You will learn silk-reeling energy from this newly revised DVD. It clearly explains chan ssu jin -- silk-reeling energy -- step-by-step with clear, detailed instruction, and sweeps away the misconceptions of this important physical skill. Silk-reeling energy is one of the unique aspects of Chen Tai Chi, although it was lost by many of the people practicing other styles over time. It's also a key component of Baguazhang. It is sometimes referred to as "reeling silk" or "chan ssu jin." Many people are taught incorrectly. It is not metaphysical. It's a physical skill.

In these DVDs, Sifu Gullette demonstrates and guides you through 19 silk-reeling exercises, focusing on the body mechanics for this powerful spiraling movement through the body. He coaches a student on several of the movements, and there are scenes from a workshop Ken held in Illinois. As a bonus, there is a section on pole-shaking, an important exercise that helps you develop skills that you need for good internal arts--using the kua, opening and closing, rotating the dan t'ien and whole-body movement.

The DVD is 2 1/2 hours long and costs only $19.99. Money-back guarantee if not satisfied. FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the world!

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Cost: $19.99

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